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Founder/Instructor: Kameelah Janan Rasheed (she/they/Kameelah)
Phone: 650-575-1551
Office Hours: available by appointment
Format: Remote

The first season of NIGHT SCHOOL was hosted by CUE Foundation. NIGHT SCHOOL is a series of interdiscplinary evening classes that loosely orbit a theme. Each class centers collaborative play and co-construction. NIGHT SCHOOL seeks to consider ways of learning in community that center the spiritual and somatic process of wandering through what Octavia Estelle Butler calls a “primitive hypertext.” Season One (Winter 2020) focused on technologies of perception and communication. We explored dirty data, non-human countersurveillance, spirit writing, GANs, Black privacy, black units of measurement, and deepfakes.

Read more about Season 1 here. Season 2 launches in Winter 2022 alongside our new website at
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