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KJR Studios

Kameelah Janan Rasheed is a learner* from East Palo Alto, CA

Brooklyn | Berlin | Johannesburg

* learning as a process of radical slowing down/de-acceleration in the midst of the efficiency and optimization frenzy; an engagement with curiosity, serendipity, improvisation, and tangents; learning as a persistent reminder of the shifting ecologies of what it means to know something

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Learning is core to my practice and, more importantly, to my life. I have worked in education since the age of ten. A curious fourth grader, I began volunteering in my younger brother's special education classroom. Now at 38, I have worked as an educator across various contexts: public high schools, museums, universities, libraries, and more. Since 2021, I have been an adjunct at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and a Visiting Critic at Yale School of Art (MFA Painting and Printmaking, 2021; MFA Sculpture, 2022-present). I was also a Mentor-in-Residence (2022-2023) for the Future Memory track for New Museum: NEW INC and frequently teach at the School for Poetic Computation.  

I also conduct studio visits by invitation.

If you are looking for my consulting business, Orange Tangent Study, please visit our website. If you are looking for my itinerent school, NIGHT SCHOOL, please visit our website — we relaunch in 2024.